What does Counselling mean?

Counselling is a helping relationship where the Counsellor (therapist) supports the person who seeks help (client). The word “client” is used instead of “patient” because it is understood that the person who seeks help is not ill, but they need to explore their difficulties, understand how these affect them, look for new resources and commit to make changes once they think they are ready for this to happen.


What is my approach?

My approach is integrative. As a Psychologist and Counsellor I integrate elements from several approaches such as person-centred (humanistic), existential and Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). My aim is to know you as a person, understand you, your experiences, feelings and what is really happening to you so that I can support you in your process.


How often are sessions and how many do I need?

This is very difficult to predict. It depends on the reasons why you come to therapy and other factors.

I find that weekly appointments work best for most of my clients, especially at the beginning. Then we could have a session fortnightly or once a month for follow-ups.

We will regularly review the work we are doing together and it will be you who decides when you are ready and wish to end therapy.


Which counsellor or psychologist should I choose?

The connection and professional relationship between the therapist and the client is very important for the therapeutic process. You will speak about your feelings, behaviours or things that happened to you which you may not have shared with anyone before. It is essential that you feel listened to, understood, respected and not judged. If you do not feel this connection with your therapist in your first sessions, looking for another professional might be an option to consider.


Is the first session free of charge?

Yes, our initial session will be free. It will help us to get to know each other and make sure that we both feel we can work together.

You will get to know who I am, my approach and you will gain a sense of whether you would like me to help you. I will also get to know you, the reasons why you are seeking help, and  all of this will help us to work out if I am the right person to help.