One-to-one sessions

Seeking help is a huge step forward and it takes courage to do it. I will support you as you take this step. Many of us at some point in life feel the need for professional help for different reasons. If you feel that this applies to you, I would be pleased to help you.

Online therapy

The connection you have with the group and also the sharing of your feelings and worries is important. This will help you to know that you are not alone and to know how other people have managed similar situations that happened to them. In addition to this, you will be part of a group where all members are considered equal and where there is mutual respect and acceptance.


I provide counselling to support those who are affected by the impact of addiction such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping and internet. Addiction tends to be obsessive (taking up a huge amount of attention), compulsive (with a person continuing the behaviour even if part of you doesn’t want to) and progressive (getting worse) over time.

My approach to working with addiction consists of helping you to stop the behaviour, put in place enough support to prevent you from slipping backwards and achieve quality of life, with optimal physical, mental and emotional health. This will help us to address and resolve any underlying issues facilitating long-term recovery.

Remember that you are not alone. By asking for help from a professional, you can start to lead your own life the way you want to, not led by the addiction. This is the moment, your moment to be free and to start to live.

Couples therapy

Not only is the person who is struggling with addiction suffering, their family and partners also feel enormous pain and frustration due to not being able to help. If you care about someone with an addictive personality, this can be very demanding and have a huge impact on you, even if that person is in recovery or if you are not around them very much.
Therapy will help you to understand how addiction works, explore your own feelings and know how to act. This will help you to ensure the wellbeing of yourself and your family. It is time to look after yourself, regardless of whether the person who has the addiction decides to seek help.